The genealogy section of the Wendish Research Exchange is recorded here.  We have taken the private data collections of some of our members and merged selected information into a master tree called WENDS.  Like any effort of this kind, this is a work in progress.  There are doubtless errors and incomplete data in this tree. 

When we merge in data from a new source, we compare it to the data we already have.  We attempt to resolve inconsistencies by referring to and citing source material.  When it is impossible to determine, we include both versions with associated sources.  Therefore, you may find cases where there are, say, two death dates for a particular person with reasonable source citations to support each of them. 

If you see errors or misunderstandings in the data, there is a "suggest" tab on the person and family pages you can use to call these to our attention.  You can also contact me at with questions, suggestions, corrections, and updates.  To contribute data to the tree, and to have full access to all data in the WENDS tree, we ask that you be a member of the Texas Wendish Heritage Society (our sponsor).  You can become a member here.

Family data is contributed by sending a GEDCOM file of the family data to me.  We will compare it with our existing data, resolve issues, if any, and merge it into the master WENDS tree.  Media items like photographs and scanned documents can also be contributed and linked to the family members to whom they pertain. 

By clicking Continue below, you agree that you understand the above and are willing to work within this framework. You will not complain about incorrect or incomplete data. You will endeavor to provide the corrected or additional data as you know it, for possible inclusion in the main WENDS tree. We encourage everyone to include source references. Our goal is to create the best Wendish family tree possible, with a minimum of errors. This will take some time, effort, and patience.

Thanks in advance for your assistance, support, and understanding.


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